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Reading Timeline

Week of January 23: Chapters 1-2
Week of January 30: Chapters 3-5
Week of February 6: Chapters 6-7
Week of February 13: Chapters 8-10
Week of February 20: Chapters 11-12

Driving Question

What are the central themes, or big ideas, of the book and what message about each is the author attempting to convey?

Possible answers for exploration:
  • Friendship
  • Technology
  • Good vs. Evil
  • Identity and Individualism
  • Family
  • Bravery

Collaborative Group Meetings

UNDER CONSIDERATION...hopefully we can set up a schedule of times good for student Skype meetings. We would have to establish and agree to procedures for these meetings and go over these with students. Check back for more details on that.

Objective of these would be helping students to not only answer good questions, but to ask good questions, too.

As they read, have students come up with questions that require critical thinking. Here are some sentence starters that might help:
  • Do you agree with...
  • Why do you think...
  • What did/do you notice...
  • What would you do...
  • How are _ and _ similar/different?

Of course, this is just a beginning. If you can think of more, please add them to the list. Effective questions: arise out of true curiosity, have no single answer or even correct answer, and are answered in reference to the text. (Source)

Check out this article about teaching students to ask their own questions.
And this article about Socratic questioning and discussion strategies.

Teaching Resources

Click here to access a collection of teaching guides and resources about this book.

Culminating Project(s)