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the book is great so far does anyone agree?-Abbie Mattawan Mrs. Sills
This book is great so far.There are a lot to learn about the Baudelaire children.-Timothy Hatley Mrs.Martin UPA

I've read the series before.I really enjoyed it.Because the amazine adventures these children go on a incredible.I'm wondering though has anyone else read the series?Did you like the final book in the series?Or who who is your favorite character?-Timothy Hatley Mrs.Martin UPA
i have never read the series before but i think i will enjoy the rest of the books i think that the rest will be GREAT-Abbie Mattawan Mrs.Sills
the book is so great.even though i have read it before im trying to not spoil the story for the others.i cant wait to read on.one thing i caught while im reading now that i didnt catch before. it was that they really enjoyed going over to count olafs neighbors house that what i noticed the second time reading but not the first.amari flowers upa mrs.martin

I have read the book and seen the movie.I really like the book. It's better than the movie.What is your favorite part of the book so far?-kye jones Mrs.Martin UPA

I Feel bad for the children because there parent have died in a house fire.
By: Alexander Moore
Room 302
Mr. Curran

I feel bad for Sunny, Violet, and Klaus because they have to live with Count Olaf. I feel happy for them because they can choose any book they want from Justice Stross's home library, but they have to return the book in good condition.
Room: 302
Teacher: Mr. Curran
Number: 13
By: Alexander Moore

I felt bad for the kids in the beginning because there parents died.I also felt bad for the kids because they had to move in with a person they didn't even know.
By:Michael Sims
I feel the same way and how they had to be on a bed thats not comfortable and had they clothes in a box instead of a closet.Micah Ms Sangeorzan UPA
I wonder if the Beaudalaire children will always live a terrible life and will always be tormented by Count Olaf . Noah Butler UPA Mr. Curran

I wonder why Count Olaf gas the same Eye all over his house and on his ankle.I also wonder what in the world is past puttanesca.
Furthermore why does Count Olaf has Violet and Klaus do so much hard housework.
By:Angela Williams Mr.Curran UPA
Like you, Angela, I am wondering about this weird eye symbol of Count Olaf's. I predict that we will learn more about the importance of this eye as we keep reading!
Ms. Sangeorzan, UPA

He might just like it being all over his house to scare visiters. It's also his house and he could put what ever he wants in his house. Maybe thats soppuse to be his own eye.What do you think?
I like how Lemony Snicket described the unfortunate events that has happened in the book so far.
Room 302
By:Claire Hawthorne
We felt really sorry for the Baudlaire children. They lost their family, were moved to one home and then to another. It was quite a change for them to have to live with Count Olaf. Their life was boring, dull, and dirty with nothing to do, but play with rocks.
We would not like to live there. It might cause you to be sick living in that house. They should have more than one bed. We would rather live in Justice Strauss's house because it is the exact opposite of Count Olaf's.
Mrs. Mills' Class WKE SC

I also think that that there life is boring and no good like Clair said . They needed to have more fun because, there kids and It would be a little bit of time before Vilot is of age . Count Olaf is no good I know he will be biter and alone someday maybe thats why he took the kids in. Because if were the kids I would leave that place and never ever come back to him . My favorite chapter so far is chapter 4 it is really good . Any way I like chapter 4 because I think the writer added a lot of detail to what he was writing. Thats why I like that chapter !!!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder how there house burned down I think htat someone did it so that they could lose there parents it was maybe count Olaf so he could get all of there money but there parents maybe were not really friends or they were not related to each other they might have not liked each other at all because of how count Olaf talks to
in a mean way he seem really strange to a lot of people. Kyree Vinson Mr.Curran UPA