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Question TWO:
Some people think the author, Lemony Snicket, is making a statement about adults in this book. What do you think Mr. Snicket's message is regarding adults? Give examples to support your thinking.

Week One Question:
It doesn't take long to figure out that The Bad Beginning is not like most books. What stands out to you so far as the biggest difference between this book and other books you've read before?

The book is different from other books because they have crazy names for people. The kids is smart but they dont know how to cook,not even toast! I think the book is crazy and funny to me because they say stuff that no other person will say in there life. so i still like it a lot.
noah ward

The book is different because it's normal and funny.
Troi Sparks

This book is different because the author ( Lemony Snicket ) adds his own little commentary to it. And I don't think most authors do that.
Ileana Bell

This book is different because in other books the children's parents don't die in the beginning.

Joshua Jewell

This book is different because Count Olaf has long legs.Most characters in books don't have long legs and have a blue face.The children were mad there parents died in the middle of the bad beginning.
Pierre Blanks

This book is different from other books because in the beginning of the book two people die. In a normal book, people wouldn't die until the middle or the end of the story. In the book, Count Olaf doesn't care about his house and in book people always care about their houses. Why doesn't he care about his house?

I think the count Olaf is evil because he want to take the there money and use the money for something he wants.
By: Alexander Moore
Mr. Curran
Room 310