Participating teachers are encouraged to do as much with this book as they are able. Teachers should feel empowered to create or complete whatever activities or projects they feel work best for their class. The open sharing of questions and ideas is HIGHLY encouraged!

Book Trailers--Create a "commercial" for the book and share as a movie.
Share Predictions--Use Voicethread, Animoto, or some other tool to share what you think will happen next.
Reader's Theater--Write a script and act out a scene from the novel. Turn it into a movie.
Google Lit Trip/Google Maps--Track the Cahills' adventures on a Google Map. Add placemarks and notes about the places they visit.
Digital Investigation Journal--Collect clues along the way and publish them digitally via podcast, glogster, or some other means.
Compare the Heirs--Create a guide to the book's many characters using glogster, voicethread, podcast, etc.
Design a Family Crest-- a la the Cahills (see page 45 of the book) for your own family or for your class.
Write a Cooperative Story--The 39 Clues series is written by multiple authors. Try writing a mystery/adventure story with a classmate or two using Google Docs. One person writes one paragraph, the next person writes the next paragraph, and so on.
Skype--"Meet" with another class or two or discuss the book.
Edmodo--Use this social network to discuss the book.


Curriculum Guide from Scholastic--Has some good comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and fun activity ideas, such as making invisible ink (found in Step 6).
The 39 Clues Educator Network--Resources for all the books in the series.