There are four sections for this month's book. Below you will find an explanation for each section. If you have questions about the process, be sure to send an email to or post it on the Discussion Board.

I. Discussions--This is where most of the students' "interactions" will take place. Students are encouraged to post as often as possible, even from home. In these discussions, students should share their thoughts about the book--things they noticed, questions they have, etc. Students are also encouraged to reply to each other. I tried to write-up some instructions for posting comments in these discussions. You might want to go over these with students before they get started.

II. Vocabulary--Since this book has so many challenging words in it, I thought it would be beneficial--a word here which means "helpful"--to create an online glossary. All of the words come from the book. Students should look them up and add their definitions in the Snicket-esque manner explained on the page. (Preface the entry with "a word which here means...")

III. Videos--Somewhere down the line, I thought it would be fun to have small groups of students do some Readers Theater activities with this book. Students could write a brief sketch of a scene from the book, record it, and upload or embed the video into this section.

IV. Culminating Activity--When it's all said and done, there will be an activity for all to take part in. This project is TBD. I have an idea, but everyone else should have input, too.

NOTE: Skype would be fun to add. Teachers will have to figure out together how to pull that off, though. Keep it on your radar. ALSO, if there are ideas of your own that you have and want to contribute or suggest BE SURE TO DO SO! The more collaborative this club is, the better.

Finally, we'll have to come up with some way to decide which class gets to pick the next book...more on that to come!