Our first book is The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan.

It's the first book in the amazing series The 39 Clues. On this page, you'll find some pre-reading activities, a Teacher's Guide, and chapter sections for posting student work and links to student work.

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Before you start reading November 1, check out this video about the book:

OR try this PRE-READING Activity:

Click here for the discussion questions for use during the pre-reading activity.


Use this guide for useful links, project ideas and other information about The Maze of Bones.

Reading Timetable

November 1-5: Ch 1-3
November 8-12: Ch 4-6
November 15-19: Ch 7-9
November 22-26: Ch 10-13
November 29-December 3: Ch 14-16
December 6-10: Ch 17-20

Possible Ongoing Activities

Create a Google Map that tracks Dan and Amy's journey. Include placemarks, notes, and images.
Come up with a "Digital Investigation Journal" for recording important clues along the way.

Chapters 1-5

Activity Ideas:
Debate the issue: Dan and Amy--should they have just taken the $2 million dollars?
Create a character guide: Keep track of the many characters in the book including names, physical and personality traits, etc.
Make a prediction: What will happen next?

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Chapters 6-10

Activity Ideas:
Research information about Poor Richard's Almanack and/or the life of Benjamin Franklin.
Create a profile of one or more of the seven teams that took the challenge.
Create a personality analysis of Dan and Amy. What do we know about their personalities? How do we know it?

Chapters 11-15

Chapters 16-20